Restoration, Abatement and Testing in {{mpg_city}}

We do Not offer Restoration and Abatement in {{mpg_city}}, Colorado along with the Asbestos and Mold Testing.


It is a conflict of interest for a restoration and abatement company to do their own testing. It is also a conflict for a testing company to also provide restoration/abatement services.

Therefore, Integrity Environmental only provides testing services. However, we work with a number of reputable restoration companies and have found these companies to be fair, professional and consistent in following industry standards and guidelines.

We are happy to recommend someone we trust.

Local Office:

We’ll come to you in {{mpg_city}}, just give us a call at {{mpg_loc_ph}}.


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Asbestos Inspection

Mold Testing

Lead Inspection

VOC’s Testing

Fire Damage & Fire Restoration

Water Damage & Water Restoration



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